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About Us

Researcher in LabThe Department of Pharmacology has 32 full-time and secondary faculty members who oversee 20 graduate students and 19 post-doctoral fellows.

Our department chair is Margaret M. McCarthy, PhD, Professor and Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, who was appointed to the position by Dean E. Albert Reece in November 2011, after a year as Interim Chair. She replaced Edson Albuquerque, MD, PhD, who stepped down after 36 years of leading the department to assume the new role of Director of the Division of Translational Toxicology in the Department of Epidemiology & Public Health.

The Department of Pharmacology is also home to Dr. Angela Brodie, whose groundbreaking work in developing aromatase inhibitors, a new class of breast cancer drugs, led her to become the first woman to win General Motors' Charles F. Kettering Prize, an international award recognizing the most recent contribution to the diagnosis or treatment of cancer. She has also received the prestigious Dorothy P. Landon-AACR Prize for Translational Cancer Research, the largest prize awarded to cancer researchers by a professional society of their peers.

Graduates of our department have taken a variety of career paths. Some are using their training in pharmacology to enhance their careers as practicing physicians in hospitals and private practice. Others are passing on their knowledge by becoming teachers. And the majority are continuing to pursue their research careers, finding success at such prestigious institutions as NIH and Harvard.

Looking for Application Information?

Students performing their research in the Department are enrolled through the Graduate Program in Life Sciences (GPILS) within one of the seven programs most suitable for their research interests.

Please visit the GPILS website for further details on the programs offered.